I Twitter too !

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Well, I couldn't resist myself & I started twittering too :)

Technically speaking twitter offers you a service of micro-blogging. Good ! professionals understood it. For my friends, twitter says, it's all about letting people know "what r u doing?".

My basic idea of twitter

I was twittering in past too but in slightly different ways. It was by using internet messenger Google Talk where I used to share my day-to-day updates with a limit that Gtalk allowed me to put in that restricted text box. It was interesting to tell your friends that the book I read, movie I just saw & What a interesting 5km long walk we had last night at 10 pm, though we had a motor bike with us. :D

It was all there but till that it wasn't discovered & hadn't been named as micro-blogging.

Then, why to switch to twitter?

Well Google hadn't provided that feature with intent people were using it :) strange !!

Lo, they were not saving my precious updates (user community calls it status message, punch lines n much more.)

What am I going to do on Twitter?

I specifically elaborate this idea of 'What I do now?' with my needs as follow.

Simple, What do I do at this moment?, If it is interesting.

What I think at this moment?, again If it interesting.

What I am reading?, No matter if you feel it interesting & It applies to all below listed. ;)

Some classical quotes from books I read.

Some web URLs of interesting reading stuff.

And last but not least,

Some weird ideas from S/W development & S/W entrepreneurship :)

What impressed me as a developer?

My entrepreneurial mind couldn't stop myself from raising this question and I think its worth too.

Twitter stands upon very basic idea of micro-blogging with its fairly trivial implementation. That impressed me !

If I see as a user of networking sites, I had got pretty much bored of orkut by asking same questions to my friends as how r u? what r u doing? bye TC ;) I bet that these scraps must be more than half of the total scraps Google have collected in its database.

I will not ask you about yourself; I will tell you about myself is what the simple agenda twitter follows and that gives me a feeling of being interconnected.

Oh ! I'm getting late. Now I need to go to twit about this blog :)


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